The Shadowfall Retrieval

A rude discovery

Session 4 – Campaign 1

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung, Dominic Hung, Guy Ramsden

This new campaign starts off like any other would, in a tavern. There, Varidous walks into the lonely tavern out looking out over the landscape in the Nentir Vale. He is follows the trail of a ancient artifact that is rumored to be worth quite an amount of gold.

In the tavern he sees huddled by the barkeep, a large dragon-born paladin, carrying the sigil of the silver dragon, Bahamut. Deep in conversation with the Dragonborn, named Antsnelmo, it seems that there was a large, crashing into the Tavern. And the unfamiliar two find that they are under attack by zombies. Quite a few of the civilians were killed by the zombies, and a halfling lady was dragged out the window by something and presumably killed.

They manage to kill of the zombies after getting them stuck in the bar area. But not before the zombies again manage to kill of the the bartender.

Trying to find where the halfling is, both of the adventurers dun outside and try to look for her. Outside however, they notice a change to their surrounding. They are no longer in Arkansas. A dark haze has settled over the landscape, obscuring the view, and even blotting out the sun. Investigating one of the presumed locations where the zombie broke out of the ground, the two find a small, subterranean tunnel leading off. They ten came to the conclusion that they should jump into the pit and follow to where the tunnel lead.

Eventually after some painfully long crawling and the increasing feeling of pinched blood vessels in the lower quarters. They finally emerge in a large cave, near the surface. Here they find the remains of a large creature, and what looks like extremely rare purple candles that only that evil worshipers use.

Taking one of the candles, they then go off into another tunnel.

That then leads them of into the remains of a large disused castle. In there, and climbing to the top of the castle, they find that the darkness is seeming to become deeper, and darker than they last remember.

But in the main dining hall, they see what appears to the killed off halfling, and following her inside to the dining hall, they see her walking to the adjoining room of the location.

Inside they find a grey apparition, who then tells them “YOU MUST GO INTO THE SHADOWFELL, AND RETRIEVE THE ARTIFACT THAT WILL RESTORE STABILITY TO THE LAND. AND PREVENT IT FROM FALLING INTO SHADOW.” It then disappears upward into the silver light above the chapel.

Then having to find a portal into the shadow-fell, the two then think that where the zombies came from, the cave that they came to from.

Then in the cave, and trying the activate the ritual they they found. They think that they succeed, and to that there is a large very chilling moan. With that Skeletons then spilling out of holes in the wall. Forcing the two to defend themselves.


DM’s Commentary – Spoiler’s and text heavy. You have been warned.

This was really the first holiday sessions that we could play. And as part of the holiday only some of the group were present for the game.

It was under this premise that I chose to create a new campaign, as it would allow for the exclusion of various characters for those who were not here, and allow for their eventual inclusions when they returned from their adventure. Also, I felt that the first setting that i had created was lacking in an overall plot to drive motions forward and that the creation of a new setting would be easier to pull off.

This is also where I started to move away from the meticulous planned locations of the first location and into the more improvise-centric method of dungeon mastering. There were various materials that the Dm’s Kit had provided me with and I accordingly used them. There were not always exactly what I wanted, but then again given that imagination is used in the creation and running of this game. I would have thought that they were unimportant.

This was also the session where I had to take a break and think of what would happen next in the story. I Think it was well worth it, as I was able to then go for long-winded and cliched speech of how the two heroes were supposed to find a MacGuffin and save the world.

Leo out.

A rude discovery

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