The Shadowfall Retrieval

But first, some backtracking

Session 5 – Campaign 2

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung, Dominic Hung, Leon Leung

The sessions starts of with a flashback. To how Varidous (Dominic Hung) “bonded” with Eldritch (Leon Leung)

Varidous and Eldritch are both in the graduating year of The College, an expensive but well known military school. Which specializes in training the young to take the various roles of “leadership” within a army or any fighting force.

Of course this would be where Varidous is sent, one of the young heirs to one of the many nobility in the city of Rhineheart.

Eldritch is on the other hand a very special case, forced into “defending” his hamlet as a child soldier (militia). Then loosing everything in an attack and being saved by a lighting bolt. That granted him arcane abilities to then kill off the attackers. However, in the aftermath of this he finds that his village had been raided, and that everyone is dead. After some wandering, Eldritch manages to help starve off some bandits waylaying a baron. Out of gratitude and the realization of Eldritch’s ability, the baron sends him to The College to help him fully develop his abilities of warfare.

As the graduating task, both Varidous and Eldritch are sent down to kill and obtain 10 rat tails and then return back to the head master. They do go down, and are swarmed by rats in the school’s small dingy basement. Of course they manage to create a bottle neck where the rats can’t reach the wizard and have to attack the fighter. Which allows them to take the rats down. Eventually there are however, attacked by a single large rat horde, a large collection of rats which they then again manage to kill off in short order.

Of course then the fun begins as they explore and poke around the dungeon. In the every back of the dungeon, shrouded in darkness, that Eldritch manages to easily spot due to his cast light. He then spends the next 20 or so minutes trying to scorching burst the rat faucet and eventually manage to light a cooking grade fire underneath which then takes another 20 or so minutes to eventually oxidize the rat faucet. Which stops the rats from coming out of the faucet.

They return to the hall, in which they were ordered from. Mage handing the rat tails that they were required to carry back. Then the next group is sent down, they return empty handed since the source of the rats was turned off.Then with a squeaking sound a voice rumbles from the dark.

And a large sinkhole, just appears to devour the section of earth that the dungeon was in. Varidous then falls into the sinkhole, partly because of his brash nature. Just as Eldritch manages to save him, he feels a dark, clammy and evil presence rush through and past him. It was a huge glimpse, of a half-man/ half-slug creature, Torog, the God of the underdark.

Then they make their way to the exit slowly, and deliberately before anything else can happen.

There ended the vignette, and from thence, Varidous appeared in the shadow-fell realm, meeting a now older and stranger Eldritch. The cave in which they are in, suddenly starts to fill with a black substance, the quickly filling in the large mouth of the tunnel. The two run out and leave any obstacles behind, yet seems to get a glimpse a large creature, whose the black substance seems almost second nature to it. Yet deadly to other creatures that land in it.

Then then make their way to what they hope to be a large settlement in the area, a dark mirror image of fall-crest.


DM’s Commentary – Spoiler and Text Heavy – You have been warned.

Today’s sessions was somewhat of a fiasco before the game came together, with various people being late and such.

It was also mostly in the true sense the first improvisation game that I DM’ed, I had the general plan for the first 2 general encounters in the game. But the rest was created on the fly. So, the overhanging story-line, the various later encounters were offhandedly created in the space of about half an hour.

Then receiving the news that Guy would not be arriving due to a “traveling mishap”. I decided that this sessions would be truly focused towards the more of a tutorial and role-play heavy both to help Leon ease into the game and since that was where Dominic and Leon’s interests lie.

For example the creation of the rat faucet was purely something I swiped off another source at a whim’s notice, in this case the Kingdom of Loathing, an online text-based game. As they say, steal inspiration from other sources and use them.

Another was the excursion into the character’s pasts, I had known of Varidous’s “blood-taint” but had not really planned to show the origin at this point. But had known of the “corrupting”
nature of the Underdark, and that Torog(the god of the underdark) often used rats to represent his influence. In the game however, the spark came when Leon said that he used Wizard Cantrips to fake a voice. But when looking at the rules and seeing that it was denied, I made it so that instead of Leon’s Character, it was infact Torog who said it. Since he was angry that the pair would have killed off his rats(suspension of disbelief required).

These let to many vary wild and funny occasions where what I had planned and what had transpired were dramatically different. Yet, I still had to weave the whole points back into the overarching story-line.

I do dramatically prefer this style of Dm’ing to the other more “planning-centered” styles that I tended towards in the previous sessions. I think it adds much more to the feeling of adventure, to both the players and the Dm, as you can never really know of what to expect to occur next.

There was still however the feeling that combat in 4th edition version is slow. Im not sure why that is the case in particular but i have to think/research different methods to ending combat quickly in 4 edition.

Leo out.

But first, some backtracking

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