The Shadowfall Retrieval

Undead in the shadowfell?

just not zombie

Session 6 – Campaign 2

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung, Dominic Hung, Guy Ramsden

Eldrich, having other matters to attend to in Gray Downs soon departed company from Varidous. Traveling towards the main road that lead to the main settlement in the area, Fallcrest. Various spots a caravan of refugees with Antsnelmo acting as a guard for the refugees. Varidous then reintroduces himself to Antsnelmo (as shenanigans ensures) who describes what he knows of the refugees. They claim to be fishermen and tanners, running from the town Fastormel, where a evil figure called Doresain has led an undead ghoul army to destroy the town.

The refugees de facto leader introduces himself as Alerod, more or less confirming what their story is. He also however, mentions that the refugees think that something is following them, but what it is they are not sure.

As they speak, Varidous notices that they are indeed being followed by something, of what he isn’t sure. Following this revelation, both Antsnelmo and Varidous lay a trap for the two shadowers. Varidous sneaks into shadow among the shrubbery and the cart continues on with Antsnelmo. Who later breaks the cart as part of an act to confuse? the people following them.

After much cat and mouseing, Varidous spots the 2 ghouls, for yes, indeed they were ghouls and manages to destroy the two in short order.

Later after many turns and junctions in the road the caravan reaches what appears to be a huge graveyard. With many grave stones arranged in a haphazard fashion which eventually grows into huge but seemingly as close together mausoleums.

Here the refugees, begin to fade out, becoming more and more spirit-like before becoming frozen spirits entirely. Then a Wright appears in the center of the clearing (and on top of a fountain, for dramatic effect) before raging in a dry and mad tone “The executioner of Fallcrest will kill!” sending a wave of cracking bolt of purple necrotic energy right into the chest of the Antsnelmo. Immediately Varidous runs up and slashes the wright through the chest but that hardly seems to slow the wright down. Who then disappears in a black haze. Immediately appearing next to
Antsnelmo. Who then manages to drive it off with a flash of holy light. However, the wright teleports again, this time appearing next to one of the frozen spirits of the refugees and absorbing the ghost into himself. But then the two charge him (while arguing who should get agro)and Antsnelmo manages to burn the wright to dust with his holy symbol.

There we leave the heros, lost without an idea where they are.


DM’s Commentary – Spoiler and Text Heavy – You have been warned.

This time in preparing the session, i had a much more cinematic session in mind. This was planned as an independent vignette of the location itself. That the Shadowfell really loves it’s undead creatures and twisted spirits. The end result, while was “good” as Dominic put it, i think that it lacked the deeper story feel that I was aiming for while planning. There were of course some of the story was hinted at during the session, but i think that these were inadequate.

Another problem area i had was creating challenge for the players in terms of combat challenges. The monsters were i felt were pretty easy.

But then the scouting part of the sessions was actually quite well done(the idea was from the Critical Hits website, on creating storytelling encounters). There was an element of tension and creativity as the two characters tried to lure the scouts out.

The next “boss” battle with the write was somewhat cliche, but it was quite effective.

Next time?

Try and figure out how to even out the combat encounters. Or just keep making them interesting.

Undead in the shadowfell?

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