The Shadowfall Retrieval

But first, some backtracking

Session 5 – Campaign 2

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung, Dominic Hung, Leon Leung

The sessions starts of with a flashback. To how Varidous (Dominic Hung) “bonded” with Eldritch (Leon Leung)

Varidous and Eldritch are both in the graduating year of The College, an expensive but well known military school. Which specializes in training the young to take the various roles of “leadership” within a army or any fighting force.

Of course this would be where Varidous is sent, one of the young heirs to one of the many nobility in the city of Rhineheart.

Eldritch is on the other hand a very special case, forced into “defending” his hamlet as a child soldier (militia). Then loosing everything in an attack and being saved by a lighting bolt. That granted him arcane abilities to then kill off the attackers. However, in the aftermath of this he finds that his village had been raided, and that everyone is dead. After some wandering, Eldritch manages to help starve off some bandits waylaying a baron. Out of gratitude and the realization of Eldritch’s ability, the baron sends him to The College to help him fully develop his abilities of warfare.

As the graduating task, both Varidous and Eldritch are sent down to kill and obtain 10 rat tails and then return back to the head master. They do go down, and are swarmed by rats in the school’s small dingy basement. Of course they manage to create a bottle neck where the rats can’t reach the wizard and have to attack the fighter. Which allows them to take the rats down. Eventually there are however, attacked by a single large rat horde, a large collection of rats which they then again manage to kill off in short order.

Of course then the fun begins as they explore and poke around the dungeon. In the every back of the dungeon, shrouded in darkness, that Eldritch manages to easily spot due to his cast light. He then spends the next 20 or so minutes trying to scorching burst the rat faucet and eventually manage to light a cooking grade fire underneath which then takes another 20 or so minutes to eventually oxidize the rat faucet. Which stops the rats from coming out of the faucet.

They return to the hall, in which they were ordered from. Mage handing the rat tails that they were required to carry back. Then the next group is sent down, they return empty handed since the source of the rats was turned off.Then with a squeaking sound a voice rumbles from the dark.

And a large sinkhole, just appears to devour the section of earth that the dungeon was in. Varidous then falls into the sinkhole, partly because of his brash nature. Just as Eldritch manages to save him, he feels a dark, clammy and evil presence rush through and past him. It was a huge glimpse, of a half-man/ half-slug creature, Torog, the God of the underdark.

Then they make their way to the exit slowly, and deliberately before anything else can happen.

There ended the vignette, and from thence, Varidous appeared in the shadow-fell realm, meeting a now older and stranger Eldritch. The cave in which they are in, suddenly starts to fill with a black substance, the quickly filling in the large mouth of the tunnel. The two run out and leave any obstacles behind, yet seems to get a glimpse a large creature, whose the black substance seems almost second nature to it. Yet deadly to other creatures that land in it.

Then then make their way to what they hope to be a large settlement in the area, a dark mirror image of fall-crest.

A rude discovery

Session 4 – Campaign 1

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung, Dominic Hung, Guy Ramsden

This new campaign starts off like any other would, in a tavern. There, Varidous walks into the lonely tavern out looking out over the landscape in the Nentir Vale. He is follows the trail of a ancient artifact that is rumored to be worth quite an amount of gold.

In the tavern he sees huddled by the barkeep, a large dragon-born paladin, carrying the sigil of the silver dragon, Bahamut. Deep in conversation with the Dragonborn, named Antsnelmo, it seems that there was a large, crashing into the Tavern. And the unfamiliar two find that they are under attack by zombies. Quite a few of the civilians were killed by the zombies, and a halfling lady was dragged out the window by something and presumably killed.

They manage to kill of the zombies after getting them stuck in the bar area. But not before the zombies again manage to kill of the the bartender.

Trying to find where the halfling is, both of the adventurers dun outside and try to look for her. Outside however, they notice a change to their surrounding. They are no longer in Arkansas. A dark haze has settled over the landscape, obscuring the view, and even blotting out the sun. Investigating one of the presumed locations where the zombie broke out of the ground, the two find a small, subterranean tunnel leading off. They ten came to the conclusion that they should jump into the pit and follow to where the tunnel lead.

Eventually after some painfully long crawling and the increasing feeling of pinched blood vessels in the lower quarters. They finally emerge in a large cave, near the surface. Here they find the remains of a large creature, and what looks like extremely rare purple candles that only that evil worshipers use.

Taking one of the candles, they then go off into another tunnel.

That then leads them of into the remains of a large disused castle. In there, and climbing to the top of the castle, they find that the darkness is seeming to become deeper, and darker than they last remember.

But in the main dining hall, they see what appears to the killed off halfling, and following her inside to the dining hall, they see her walking to the adjoining room of the location.

Inside they find a grey apparition, who then tells them “YOU MUST GO INTO THE SHADOWFELL, AND RETRIEVE THE ARTIFACT THAT WILL RESTORE STABILITY TO THE LAND. AND PREVENT IT FROM FALLING INTO SHADOW.” It then disappears upward into the silver light above the chapel.

Then having to find a portal into the shadow-fell, the two then think that where the zombies came from, the cave that they came to from.

Then in the cave, and trying the activate the ritual they they found. They think that they succeed, and to that there is a large very chilling moan. With that Skeletons then spilling out of holes in the wall. Forcing the two to defend themselves.


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