Darius Valian

Darius Valian, otherwise known as the Lion of Elerias, was the first of House Valian and leader of the first resistance and protest against Imperial rule in Rhineheart via a general strike in Elerias.

Even while in the Merchant’s Guild, Valian was known for the fairness with which he treated the contingent of miners and workers under his control at the Keivar Mines, providing adequate rations and treating commonfolk with respect, something nearly unheard of in the Merchant’s Guild at the time.

Valian’s kindheartedness won him the respect of many commonfolk of Rhineheart, but it was also his undoing. In leading the protests at Elerias against Imperial rule, Darius refused to allow protesters to bear arms or take violent action, believing in a peaceful resolution to the crisis. The result then was the Elerias Massacre which saw the slaughter of Darius and the unarmed protesters who had gone with him.

Darius Valian is treated a hero in Rhineheart for his actions, and House Valian continues to bear him in glory, even though none of Valian’s blood actually are left in the House.

Darius Valian

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